The Dangers of Backyard Chickens

So…you want to have backyard chickens….

You’ve done your homework….checked bylaws, prepared your yard, set up your coop, got some good feed, and are prepared for avian bliss in the city.  Or are you?  Are you sure that your chickens are safe?

I just saw this article in the newspaper…

Cheeky chicken attacks postie

The Edmonton Sun
Sat Aug 6 2011
Page: 86
Section: News
Byline: QMI AGENCY SAULT STE. MARIE, Ont. — It was a wing special one postman could have done without. A mail carrier in the border town of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., was attacked by a chicken while on his route Wednesday. According to police, several chickens were wandering around the front yard and bushes when the postman approached the door to deliver mail. That’s when one chicken appeared from under the porch and attacked him. It’s not known if he was injured. The postal carrier left before police arrived. The county’s animal control was contacted, but it is not known if there will be any follow-up investigation.

© 2011 Sun Media Corporation. All rights reserved.

PLEASE don’t let this happen to you…..vicious chickens are a scourge we can all do without….if you have backyard hens, it is crucial that you socialize them well, and keep them on a short leash.  If not, this may be a solution:

The Chicken Muzzle 2000

If these types of attack continue, we could outfit our public servants with these, to give them a fighting chance:

Mike the Chicken Vet

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