Fun with Eggs!!

I have been in touch with the good people at Auburn University.  Their poultry team has worked on a project for the past 6 years on something called “The Auburn Virtual Chicken”.  They kindly sent me a DVD which shows a 3D depiction of the entire production process of an egg.  The days leading up to the release of the ovum (yolk), and the 24 hours that it takes for this yolk to become a fully fledged, membraned, shell-covered, egg-shaped package of yummy goodness is fascinating!  With the risk of branding myself a chicken geek, I think it is amazing.  I am hoping to get permission to post the video.  The standard request when they send the DVD is not to distribute it, but I hope when I explain the use (and pour on the charm 🙂 ), they will agree. 

With the package are several teaching modules and fun classroom activities that they suggest.  These, I am allowed to share, and will show a few of them here.  Some of the ideas are really cool…..why is an egg “egg-shaped”?  What makes an egg strong enough to hold the weight of several hundred pounds, if it is applied gradually?  How does a chick breathe before it hatches….etc, etc. Stuff you never think about, but when you do, they make perfect sense.  Try some of them…especially if you have kids….they might learn something, and if not, the quiet time while they are working on it is priceless!

Where IsTheShell         ShapedForAReason             Egg In A Bottle        Amazingly Strong

Hope you like ’em, and I will post the video as soon as I am able.

Mike the Chicken Vet


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