Kindergarten Chick Incubator

I am a sucker.  I admit it, and I live with it.  My daughter’s Senior Kindergarten teacher called to ask me for some pointers on a project she thought would be perfect project for the kids….she could set up an incubator, and they could watch some eggs hatch.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know anything about chickens and eggs and hatching them, so she called me.   She also didn’t have an incubator or eggs.  From now on, I’ll refer to her as the “idea” person.

Long story short, I have made an incubator out of stuff I had around, could scrounge, or buy for less than $10.  (I know…it’s my kid’s education, but there are limits).  I took a small styrofoam cooler, some glass out of old picture frames, a light socket and dimmer switch and some wire.  Here are a couple pictures of the high tech incubator:

Lid Open, 25 watt light bulb

Looking through the window of incubator, light fixture, thermometer and dimmer switch

So now I am ready to get some eggs from the breeder farm I work with.  I’m thinking 2 brown and 2 white.  Inside, I’m also going to place a shallow dish of water to keep the humidity up.  
We will keep the temperature at 38.5 C for 21 days, and the kids will be in charge of turning them twice daily.  I think I will put an “X” and an “O” on opposite sides of each egg, so they know which way should be up each time. 
It will be an adventure….I will keep you posted on progress.
The “idea” lady is in charge of finding homes for the little peepers once they are out and about, and the school year ends.
Mike the Chicken Vet

3 responses to “Kindergarten Chick Incubator

  1. I had no idea you could make your own incubator!

    That will be a fun project for the kids. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it!

  2. Hi. I found you through Outtakes…, and I’m glad I did. This sounds more interesting than watching owls hatch, so I signed up. Besides, some day I would like to own a few egg-laying chickens, so perhaps I’ll learn something. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

  3. There are a lot of fun things to do out there but buying a chicken incubator is so much fun. I can’t believe how much fun you can have especially for children. They love looking at the eggs and when they hatch they are so excited. I love your use of the cooler and your fun innovation with household items. Great stuff.

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