Disease Prevention Tips for Backyard Flocks

Hi everyone.  I came across these two videos made by the USDA.  I thought I’d share them, because they have some great, simple, and cheap ideas to help keep small flocks clean and healthy.



Other tips to help keep your flock disease free can be found on the APHIS website.


Mike the Chicken Vet



2 responses to “Disease Prevention Tips for Backyard Flocks

  1. Hi Mike,
    Not sure if you can help at all, but I have no clue where else to ask. I am dealing with a local vet who sees exotics but he doesn’t have much expertise in chickens.

    I have an 9 month old silike hen who has wry neck, it’s been going on since Oct 2013. When she is on .5 ml of prednisolone once a day, her neck is back to normal. The problem is with in a few days of lowering the dose her neck starts to go under her body and has a hard time walking and eating/drinking.

    I know she can’t be on prednisolone long term but no one has a clue how to help. I really don’t want to lose her. Any suggestions on what to do ? I live in a small town in NH.

    Thanks for any help,

    • Hi Kathy,
      Sorry for the slow response…..I was away for a few days with work. I wish I had better news…..wry neck is usually due to nerve impairment. Since prednisone helps, your hens case is likely due to inflammation in or around the spinal cord or brain. Unfortunately, the most likely causes are Mareks disease or possibly Newcastle disease. Both. Are viruses and have no effective treatment. If you can, isolate the hen so no other flock members can be infected , and continue the pred for a while to see if she can recover, but if the symptoms progress, or if the pred stops controlling the symptoms, you should consider euthanasia. I hope she can beat the bug….


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