Hatching Success!!!!

I spent the day on pins and needles.  I had not anticipated how nervous I would be when I set up an incubator and hatching eggs for my daughter’s kindergarden class.  (See my post…Kindergarden Incubator).  My daughter was SO PUMPED about the chicks that were coming today….as were her friends.  All day, I was wondering what was going to happen if none of the eggs hatched?  After all, it was a pretty rudimentary design, and maintained by the teacher, who had absolutely no experience…..I kept envisioning my little, trusting, five year old having her confidence in the world order shattered when none of the eggs hatched.

Anyway, long story short….well, actually kinda a short story short….by the time she left school, there was 1 chick wandering around, and hopefully more to come….the kids were incredibly excited…..as was I….big smiles all around.

Mike the Chicken Vet

P.S. – they named her DUCKY…..sigh


One response to “Hatching Success!!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    I really appreciate all the posts you make.
    I am starting a small backyard flock!

    I have already done a lot of research, and contacted many backyard chicken experts!

    The only other questions I have is:

    1. What chicken breed do you recommend, that is a heavy layer of brown eggs, is friendly, docile, not broody or flighty. In addition I would like it to be well in confined spaces. There are many choices, as you probably know. Please help!

    2. In addition, if you have any advice for a amateur, please give me some. I would like this experience to go as smooth as possible for both the hens and the humans!

    Again, Thanks for all you help,
    I await your response.

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