New Function

Hi all:

I was talking with a friend who has come in contact with my blog lately.  He was asking me why I hadn’t posted about coop design…it was something he was interested in.  I told him I had, but it was early in the year, but it gave me pause.  There is no point in putting up information (super-valuable, well-thought-out, incredibly-well-written information, I might add) if nobody can find it.  So…..I’ve designed a FAQ section, and recatagorized my posts.  Now if you have a specific interest, you can use the drop-down menu to the upper left, and it should focus on the things you want.  Hope this helps, and thanks Eric, for the suggestion.

Mike the Chicken Vet


2 responses to “New Function

  1. Thanks for updating and categorizing. Much easier to find content, like how related posts are grouped together.

    Sure is lots to think about for the backyard flock!

    • Thats the idea Erik….if you think about these things before you start, you will have a LOT better experience once you actually throw chickens into the mix….so will they.

      Mike the Chicken Vet

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