Coming Out Party

I’d like to say hello to all the people who have just discovered my blog.  For some reason, I have been “discovered”, and my hit-rate has gone through the roof.  I’m not sure the source of my new-found popularity, but I’m glad you have stopped by.

Anyone who has toured the blog has noticed that this is not a “cute pictures and caption” type of site.  I don’t post as often as I’d like, but my posts are usually pretty full of information that the general public may not be privy to.  I have a unique position in that I am a full-time practicing veterinarian for professional egg farmers in Canada and know intimately what happens on the farms that produce the eggs that you find in your grocery store.  I also have an interest in backyard flocks and have an idea of the types of people who keep small flocks, and try to help them be successful in their small farming operations.  I also have recently finished my Masters degree in Animal Welfare.  This is pretty unique because I am very aware and interested in the animal welfare issues surrounding both professional and backyard flocks (yes…there are significant welfare concerns for extensive flocks as well….).

I have been building this blog for about a year and a half, and have enough content now that I think it will be of value and interest to quite a few people.  As I said, I’m not sure why the sudden uptick in traffic, but if you are new here, welcome.  I hope you find something of value, and thanks for visiting!


14 responses to “Coming Out Party

  1. kathythechickenchick

    I’m not new here, but am happy to see a new post with the promise of more to come! BTW: Never underestimate the power of “cute pictures and captions.” 😉

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  2. Hi Mike,

    I live in Seattle and have 5 backyard chickens. I love your blog and look forward to more posts from you. Hey, one of my chickens has been letting out a weird cough/screechy sound. She even does it during the night. Also sometimes she opens her beek and looks like she’s coughing but there is no sound at all. I know nothing about chickens and she has been doing this for over a month now. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,


  3. I really like your info and writing style. Thank you! (I saw your link on the Fresh Eggs Daily Facebook page.)

  4. still hasn’t answered the age old question “which came first”? LOL.

  5. another fresh eggs daily fan. saw a post from Lisa that mentioned you and bingo you get my vote. I live near Stratford, ON and have 10 hens.

  6. Hi Mike, first I just want to say Thank You! Finally a source from a medical standpoint for me to scour through, lol. I found you through Kathy’s site. It’s great of her to have shared the link. I know it will save be uncountable hours of searching for reliable facts on health related info of chickens. The Chicken Chick, aka Kathy, has been my number 1 go to as she properly do her research and shares facts. Most sites only share opinion, and it’s hard to weed through. God bless you for taking the time to share Online as most of us live in areas where our vets will not touch a chicken, none the less a duck, with a ten foot pole!

    Have a blessed day, Sarah.

  7. The Chicken Chick gets credit for my finding your blog. Thanks for the work you do, Mike. It is well appreciated. My backyard flock of five have benefited from both you and Kathy.

  8. Hello Dr. Mike! I too discovered you via Kathy’s (AKA “The Chicken Chick”) website. Love it, and am so glad to now “have access” to the thoughts and knowledge of “a chicken vet.” MANY thanks for so many informative posts. I appreciate them very much! Keep them coming!

    Michelle in Massachusetts, USA

  9. I you found through Kathy’s site also. I have learned more about chickens in the past hour…………..Thanks!

  10. This is incredibly interesting. Thanks for writing. I am moving to a farm in NC, USA, and plan to have a few chickens, so i will be checking in often here.

  11. Hi Mike:
    Glad to see there’s an interest in poultry health. I found you by googling “Coccidia”… not sure how that should be taken, but its true 🙂

  12. Hi Mike,
    We are buying a country farm and are “inheriting” 8 chickens. We have never had chickens, and your very informative blog has changed completely what I thought I knew about chickens. Good thing I saw it before I got near them. They will be a happier bunch now I think
    Love the information, I will check in often
    Sandra in Crookwell NSW

    • Sandra, it is so great to hear comments like this. The best thing is to have some positive influence on someone who is looking after chickens. Enjoy them, and thanks for reading!


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